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At 1-800-ACCIDENT we reduce wasted time and errors after a car accident by documenting your injuries, starting rehabilitation therapy, and providing you with necessary support. You save weeks of hassle and aggravation, call us today!


Vincent Avery Hit By A Truck

ACCIDENT: I-10 | INJURY: Broken ribs | DAMAGE: Heavy | PAPERS: Car insurance

Wednesday, May 28th Vincent was involved in a major car accident. Accident Steps was able to help Vincent find a doctor and undergo extensive car accident rehabilitation. He is now completely recovered and enjoying his life.


Linda Gray tried to get out of the way

ACCIDENT: Richmond Avenue | INJURY: Heavy | DAMAGE: Concussion | PAPERS: Incomplete

In June 2012, Linda was involved in an accident. She was not at fault but had a hard time figuring out how to submit medical claims to the insurance company. Accident Steps helped Linda receive medical help and submitted all bills to the insurance company. Process was seamless. Linda is excited to be back on the road!



ACCIDENT: Delwood Street | INJURY: Fracture | DAMAGE: Heavy | PAPERS: Underinsured

Cynthia's car was totalled with nobody to help her. Car accident nearly took her life and now it was time to take steps to recovery. Accident Steps was able to arrange for Cynthina to see a Car Accident doctor within 2 hours of the phonecall. After undergoing a major surgery, Cynthia is happy to back at home with her family. Her treatment was a success!



ACCIDENT: Roothmore Ln | INJURY: broken bones | DAMAGE: Heavy | PAPERS: Incomplete

Steve was driving in the rain when his car spun out of control. He ended up going to an emergency room same day. When pain returned he decided to talk to Accident Steps - it was obvious that his injuries required complex doctor treatment and an immediate MRI diagnostics. Because of Accident Steps Steve is back coaching baseball.


Roger Olsen In a Multiple Car Collision

ACCIDENT: Hwy 59| INJURY: Head injury | DAMAGE: Heavy | PAPERS: incomplete

When Roger experienced serious head injury he knew that quick visit to a hospital just wouldn't do it. Roger called 1-800-ACCIDENT and spoke to a car accident consultant who immediately referred him to the closest Car Accident Specialist Doctor - 20 minutes away. Roger's original fear was correct - it took him more than 6 weeks of therapy and pain management treatment to recover from whiplash. He is excited to be back at work pain free!


Carlos Aiero in an Accident with a Drunk Driver

ACCIDENT: Downtown | INJURY: Fractions | DAMAGE: Heavy | PAPERS: Incomplete

Carlos was taken to an emergency room after a car accident. His X-Ray results showed fractured bones. After seeing 2 other Medical Doctors without results he called Accident Steps asking for a Doctor who specializes in car accident injuries. Therapy started same day and he never looked back. Carlos had learned to seek help from a specialist Doctor.


Lou Baker Trapped in a Burning Car

ACCIDENT: Redwood Drive | INJURY: Burn Injury | DAMAGE: Heavy | PAPERS: Underinsured

Lou is a dedicated teacher who cannot skip a day of work. Accident Steps was able to find a medical facility along with a qualified attorney to get Lou properly compensated for all the injuries. He was happy to receive medical help with no out of pocket expenses.