Protect your rights - we can assist you with your car accident.

Car Accident Process

  • Report accident to the police (911)
  • Call and notify insurance company
  • Setup vehicle repair (we can assist)
  • Immediately see a Car Accident Doctor to document injuries, call  713.691.1276
  • Start therapy (usually 1-2 months)
  • Prepare your “Demand Letter” to the insurance company (samples available at our clinic)
  • Collect check from the Insurance company

Duration: It would normally take 3 months to 2 years to completely process a car accident case that involves injuries. 1-800-ACCIDENT is here for all of your car accident needs: suggestions on how to talk to your insurance company, properly document and report your injuries so that you actually get reimbursed, provide you with therapy options to recover, and much much more.

Prices: We only charge for the medical care that you receive at our clinics. Actual car accident claim assistance is free of charge, unless you decide to hire a personal attorney. For best results, visit our Car Accident Center in person and talk to a representative.

DIAL 1-800-ACCIDENT (1-800-222-4336) or Locally 713.691.1276

Our clients recovered millions of dollars for their injuries, call us today!

Doctor Speaks about Car Accident Therapy,      Real Car Accident Patient Testimonial

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